Monday, August 06, 2007

Bosniac revelation

Ok, so we're going to Bosnia. Big deal, what is to be seen in Bosnia? I guess it will be just working, working, working, going early to sleep, getting up early in the morning in the middle of NOWHERE. So be it.
First morning in Kulen Vakuf changed everything. We drove along a silent river that kept my eyes opened all the way, though I was still exhausted after 48 hours in the car. Thar river was all alive, that river was crying inside by so many untold stories about the latest WAR. And above everything, that river was simply BEAUTIFUL. 207 km of Una river forms a border between Croatia and Bosnia, and the 18 m high Strbacki Buk Waterfall is one of the biggest in Europe. I felt lucky to meet it, I felt part of something important, I felt overwhelmed by the force of nature and completely in love with the every afternoon FOG.
After 3 weeks we've spent together, Una river has now one more untold story inside: MINE.